Bionic technology

PROPRIO FOOT® (by Össur)

The world's first intelligent foot module, the PROPRIO FOOT provides unprecedented physiological benefits for transtibial amputees. A wide and automated range of ankle flexion with proven Flex-Foot® dynamics means function is as close as you can get to the human foot today.

The PROPRIO FOOT thinks for itself, responding beautifully to changing terrain and transforming the approach to stairs and slopes, as well as level-ground walking. Angling itself appropriately, it also helps amputees to sit and stand up easily and more naturally. The PROPRIO FOOT also has a calibrated alignment control feature. Overall, the effect is a feeling of improved proprioception with a more balanced, symmetric and confident gait.


PROPRIO FOOT User Information

Amputation level: Transtibial
Impact level: Low to Moderate
Max Patient Weight: 116kg (250lbs)

PROPRIO FOOT Product Information

Warranty: 24 month limited warranty.
Categories: 1-7
Sizes: 25-30
Weight of PROPRIO FOOT (Size 27, Cat 5): 1240g (44oz)
Build height: 180mm (7")
Heel Height Adjustability: Up to 50mm (2")

Echelon Fuß (By Endolite)

The Echelon Foot provides dorsi flexion and plantar flexion including a feature of automatic alignment to terrain. It is designed to facilitate walking on level or uneven ground, up and down inclines, ascending or descending stairs and sitting down at ease. The Echelon’s continuous adjustment during stance phase to terrain helps give the amputee better distribution of forces at the interface from the prosthesis to the body. Increasing knee stability and safety for the amputee increases confidence, hence the risk of fall is significantly reduced. The Echelon and its unique ability of hydraulic yield distinguish it from all other conventional ankle-foot systems. When the user walks on level terrain the Echelon Foot remains in a dorsi flexed position after “toe off”. This enables the user a greater ground clearance during swing phase, minimizing the risk of catching the toe and potentially falling. At heel strike the foot moves into plantar flexion to initiate a stable safe base for loading of the prosthesis. When the amputee walks up or down inclines the hydraulic fluid adjusts the foot to match to the gradient.

In stair ascent Echelon moves up to 9 degrees (see fig 1) during the first step. Similarly when descending stairs the hydraulic ankle allows dorsi flexion during the first step which permits the user to place the entire prosthetic foot on the subsequent downward step further enhancing safety and comfort.

RHEO KNEE® (By Össur)

The newly redesigned RHEO KNEE® is an advanced prosthetic device that liberates its users to focus on their chosen activity, instead of having to think about how they are walking.

New developments in Össur's proven bionic technology mean that the RHEO KNEE can recognize and respond even better to the most subtle changes in walking speed and terrain. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence, it continuously learns and adapts to an amputee's walking style and environment.

As a result, it restores people's ability to walk naturally, comfortably and confidently at any speed.

The RHEO KNEE is now available with a female pyramid insert or a Threaded Top adapter ideal for knee disarticulation amputees, those with long transfemoral residual limb or where the low build height is required.

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Patient Profile

Technical Specifications:

RHEO KNEE User Information

Amputation level: Transfemoral
Impact level: Low to Moderate
Max Patient Weight: 125kg (275lbs)

RHEO KNEE Product Information

36 months limited warranty
Weight of Knee: 1.52kg (3.35lbs)
Build height: 236mm (9 1/4")
Knee Flexion: 120º
Aluminum Frame Construction
Internal Extension Assist

POWER KNEE (By össur)

Power Knee is the first active motor powered Kneejoint, that compensates concentric and excentric muscle force. The second Generation stays for a few technical improvements that where generated through the two years of experience.

The combination of artificial intelligence and electric power force provides the user with considerable advantages. For example: less expenditure of energy, variable walking and effortlessly climbing stairs. It is easier to get over obstacles and to get up from a sitting position.

The technique compensates on demande the natural muscle force for flexion and extension of the prosthetic device. On long distances and uneven ground it is a benefit to have a motor to support stance- and swing phase even uphill. On stairs, the user is getting liftet on the next step.

With the use of artificial inteligence and bionic technology the Power Knee is worldwide the first and only kneejoint to compensate effective the lost muscle function and synchronices the gait with the residual limb.

The Power Knee is eqquiped with removeable batteries. Therefore the range of motion is significantly raised.

The weight and the noise is considerably reduced and raises therafore the users quality of life.

With the active assistance, movement disorders caused by the amputation are getting compensated and are now very close the natural physiology of Mankind.

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Only fully trained facilities are allowed to fit the POWER KNEE.

C-Leg (by Otto Bock)

High-Tech for more Quality of Life – the C-Leg Leg Prosthesis System

The C-Leg is the first and only leg prosthesis system worldwide with a fully microprocessor-controlled stance and swing phase. Through the use of unique C-Leg Technology, it has set a new standard for stability, comfort and regained mobility for transfemoral amputees.

The C-Leg adjusts to the requirements of the prosthesis wearer in real time and therefore ensures a level of dynamic response and security previously unattained. By now, over 25,000 C-Leg wearers all over the world are profiting from these advantages. Many of their ideas and wishes, combined with years of experience, were the driving force behind the introduction of new features in 2006. The result: The new C-Leg with Wireless Remote Control and an optimized service and warranty concept. The technical development of the C-Leg can be easily recognized by the anthracite-colored frame.

The C-Leg Offers many Advantages

Through the use of C-Leg technology, the C-Leg permanently recognizes which walking phase the wearer currently is in, and adjusts itself accordingly in real time depending on the step speed, length, and frequency. On slopes, uneven surfaces, or when going down stairs – the high-quality leg prosthesis system automatically adjusts itself and therefore ensures increased dynamic response and security.

With the C-Leg, the user achieves the best possible approximation of a natural gait pattern. Through constant stance phase dampening, the C-Leg offers a high level of security even if the users stumbles. Thanks to the low risk of falling, you can concentrate less on the prosthesis and more on the finer things in life. The load is distributed evenly over both legs, which provides relief for the contralateral side. In addition, the amount of energy required for walking is significantly reduced. Of course the C-Leg can be individually adjusted to correspond to the user`s needs in regards to safety, residual limb activity, and responsiveness.

Orion Knie (By Endolite)

The Orion Knee is a microproccessor controlled Knee joint for natural, energy efficient walking. It adapts simply to the most complex terrain. The Smart Adaptive Sensors analyze the speed, slopes , stairs and oder parameters. Adapting to give security, and enhance the amputee´s life-style.